Thinking of attending SWCLE 2014? Check out the FAQ!


Q: Do I have to have an idea to pitch?

A: Everyone has the option to pitch their idea on Friday night, but it isn’t required.  Feel free to come prepared to join another team with an idea you believe in!


Q: What should I bring for weekend?

A: Here are some things we suggest you bring along:

  • Laptop
  • Power Cord
  • Any other tools of your trade…
  • Mobile Devices w/Chargers
  • Business Cards
  • Sleeping Bag (if you plan and working through the night)


Q: Will there be food?  What about caffeine?

A: Yes, we got you covered!  Food, snacks, drinks, and coffee will be provided all weekend for registered attendees.


Q: Do I have to keep working with my team after the weekend is over?

A: Whether or not you continue to work on the idea with some or all of your team is completely up to you. Approximately 55% of Startup Weekend participants continue working on their idea with all of their team, and 23% with only some members of their team.


Q: What do I get if I win?

A: There will be a wonderful prize package for the winning team which will help them continue their business endeavors if they chose