All-Star Teams Readying Pitch at Cleveland Startup Weekend


This year’s event has created 9 teams.  Check out what we’re building!



This is a website for taking art inventory and displaying for the artist. This is essentially a repository of art that the artist can use to post on their website. Future plans include opening it up to galleries to access their work.



Our website gives you access to all of the design blueprints currently on the web for your 3D printer. We mine hundreds of different websites for design blueprints and put them all together for you. Save time with Pretz8l, we make your search for 3D ready blueprints easy!



The YouCue service and media streaming box allows you to stream any content you want to your TV, anytime, anywhere, with content curated by your friends. It’s an inexpensive, easy way to ditch cable for the thousands of entertainment options available on the web – and without the limitations of the Roku or Apple TV. Find us @youcuetv on Twitter and at!


Shadow Puppets

In essence we provide a service that fills down time between main attractions at events.  For advertisers, our entertainment delivery platform enables targeted, context-relevant, and branded interactions with a captive audience.  For venue owners, our platform delivers inter-temporal entertainment “snacks” to keep patrons interested during transition times.  Such transition times can be tear-down/set-up at concerts, speaker/audience churn in convention speaker rooms, and pauses in gameplay at sporting events



We are a Cleveland-based startup looking to connect local companies with local university students who have specific technical skills. Our model targets short-term engagements with well-defined projects. ULance streamlines the freelance process by ensuring the students are qualified and competent, and working closely to broker the best match for the job.



Creating a service to match people with the products that will help then do less (save time). Follow us on @lesshq


Shadow Star

We facilitate shadowing opportunities for career-changing professionals. Career counselors have long touted shadowing as one of the most effective ways to investigate alternative career paths. There is currently no easy way for professionals to make these connections on their own. This service would make a perfect complement to LinkedIn.


Dinner Is Served

We deliver gourmet, healthy meals from top chefs conveniently to customers right when they need them. This is a new concept that guarantees a fresh, healthy meal delivered to you after a long day at work.



We are Northeast Ohio’s premier beer growler delivery company servicing craft brewers.