Parking, Materials, and the Agenda


With the event less then twenty-four hours away we wanted to release parking details, the weekend agenda, and what you should bring to the event.

When attending there will be an attached garage on East 17th. This garage is open all weekend. We will have signs posted from the garage to the event.

This is where the fun begins. Below you will find the agenda for the weekend.


5:00 PM Registration begins
5:30 PM Cocktails and networking begins
6:30 PM Dinner is served and networking continues
7:00 PM Event begins, Weekend Overview, Elevator Pitch Example
8:00 PM Elevator Pitches Begin
9:00 PM Team selection


8:00 AM Saturday kick-off
12:00 PM Lunch
8:00 PM Cocktails


8:00 AM Sunday kick-off
12:00 PM Lunch
5:00 PM Cocktails
5:30 PM Team ten minute demo’s
6:30 PM Announce the winner
7:00 PM Head home

What to bring?
Yourself and the desire to launch the next great product.