Announcing the next Startup Weekend Cleveland events


It’s been a while since our November conference and we have been a little quiet at Startup Weekend Cleveland headquarters.  Primarily, we have been hard at work in our own startups, however, we have also been hard at work reflecting, brainstorming, and planning on how we can improve upon the amazing event we had last November.

During the conference we took a lot of notes in addition to the community providing some amazing feedback (no more pizza, we promise). We are certain we can make our next conference even better then the last.  Additionally, we have been hard at work planning and are excited to make a few announcements about our next conference and a new in between event.

The Startup Weekend In Between event:  June 10th, 2010

It’s been a while since we have had a chance to check in with the companies that launched at our last conference and we, much like all of you, are excited to see what these companies did with their hard earned prize money.  That being said, we are holding an “in between event” on June 10th to get an update from these companies on all the exciting progress they have made.  As a refresher, the companies are

Please stay tuned for additional details.  Attendees of this event will have the ability to register for our next conference with an exclusive early bird price.  This price will only be available to people who attend this event.  Therefore, we hope to see you there!

Startup weekend annual conference:  November 12th-14th

Keeping in line with global entrepreneurial week we are going to hold our conference in-line with this global event like we did last year.  So please keep your calendars open.  As mentioned earlier, we started planning this event the weekend after the conference held in November.  We are looking to make this bigger, louder, and better then last years.  Some of our improvements will include, but are not limited to

  • Better catering (look to have some of the best trendy resteraunts cater the event next year)
  • Improved registration
  • Conference lanyards
  • and much much more

Those are just a few of the improvements we are gong to make, so, please stay tuned as more details become available.